Mondaine Helvetica x Erik Spiekermann for TYPO Berlin

Exclusively produced for the 2016 TYPO Berlin design conference from May 12th - 14th, TYPO founder and host, and German typographer and designer Erik Spiekermann designed a limited edition Mondaine Helvetica watch. The watch features a light grey dial, black hour and minute hands, a white second hand, and a red line at the 12 o'clock mark. Spiekermann described his design, "in keeping with the 30-year tradition of the Mondaine railways watch, I used lines instead of numerals and set off the second hand with a different color. The round minute markers are the middle dot of the 6 pt. Helvetica Regular." 

Only 40 TYPO Helvetica watches have been produced and are not available for purchase, but were rather offered as prizes to the winners of 12 raffle drawings around the conference, as well as the prize for submitting a unique dial design in a competition at the Mondaine stand at TYPO. Mondaine provided Mac computers installed with Mondaine Helvetica dial templates for the participants to create their own design. The designs were then uploaded to Facebook for fans to vote on every day for the full length of the conference from Thursday, May 12th, through Saturday, May 14th. The 10 designs with the most votes at the end of the conference went to a jury to select the winner, and the top three winners received a TYPO limited edition watch, with those who placed fourth through tenth winning a booby prize such as Swiss chocolate.

The three winning designs of the Mondaine Helvetica Design Contest were:

1. Juliane Hohlbaum - "am Rad der Zeit"
2. Daniel Ludwig - "WORK WORK WORK"
3. Sol Kawage - "Rogue"

To see more of the submitted dial designs, visit the Mondaine Facebook page.

TYPO Berlin 2016 "Beyond Design"

Each year visitors and speakers from all over the world meet at TYPO Berlin, Europe's biggest design conference. The theme of the 2016 TYPO conference was "Beyond Design", dedicated to the interdisciplinary topic of designing as a mental tool, the strategy behind responsible design and the shape of the future for design. The conference encompasses more than 60 presentations, workshops, interviews, films, discussions, and much more.

To learn more about the TYPO Berlin design conference, visit the TYPO Talks website

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