Mondaine to Time Record-Breaking Alpine Tunnel

In December 2016, Mondaine will assume signal timing responsibilities for the longest railway tunnel in the world. Dubbed "the project of the century," the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be opened next year after two decades of continuous planning and construction, breaking world records with a 35-mile route length, and a total of 94.35 miles of tunnels and shafts.


The Gotthard Base Tunnel shifts freight and passenger traffic from the overloaded roadways to more efficient rail traffic in one of the most important and busiest passages through the Alps. The current system has operated at capacity for some time, and relieving road traffic will reduce accidents and lessen environmental damage to the Gotthard Pass. It's a perfect example of typical Swiss innovation and reliability. 


Of course, Mondaine and the Swiss Federal Railways have collaborated before this; the iconic SBB watch, inspired by the famous railway clocks, was launched by Mondaine in 1986. The relationship was born out of mutual love for Swiss culture, and a desire to share the unique design of the iconic Swiss station clock with the world.

The SBB watch perfectly emulates the style and precision of the station clock, down to the cheerful red second-hand that nods to the signaling discs once used by the train conductors. Together, Mondaine and the Swiss Federal Railways represent the best of Swiss craftsmanship and engineering. When the new, record-breaking tunnel is officially opened in 2016, they'll be celebrating 30 years of partnership.


The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the third Swiss tunnel to be named the longest in the world upon its opening. To mark the watershed achievement in Swiss history, a limited edition line of timepieces inspired by the structure and design of the Gotthard Base Tunnel will be released at Baselworld 2016