Helvetica 1 Smart: Pre-Order Edition

As if being a premier Swiss-made, horological smart watch weren't enough, the Helvetica 1 Smart Pre-Order Edition features specially tailored details that make it not just wearable tech, but a wearable piece of history. 

Only 1,957 pre-order edition watches are available worldwide, commemorating the year that the Helvetica font was designed. The ingenious simplicity of the design is highlighted with unique details that are only available in this limited edition version. 

Red typographic detailing accents the sub-dial, which syncs to state-of-the-art MotionX technology on your smart device to track sleep, date, and activity. A red numeral 1 - in Helvetica, of course - distinguishes the back of the case from other editions yet to come. 

Each of the limited edition watches is also engraved with "1 of 1957" on the side of the case, marking it as an exclusive and authentic part of a monumental launch for a historic Swiss brand. 

Interfacing with your smartphone or tablet via downloaded app, all Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart watches will feature MontionX activity tracking, Sleeptracker sleep monitoring, sleep cycle alarms, get-active alerts, adaptive coaching and automatic time alignment. All of this data can also be backed up and stored in the MotionX cloud, too. The ingenuity of Swiss design has left no detail unconsidered, and even the battery has been optimized to last for 2+ years. With its analogue dial, the Helvetica 1 Smart watch retains classic style; it's a smart watch designed with watch lovers in mind.

Can't wait to try one on? No worries - the Helvetica 1 Smart Pre-Order Edition will ship a full month before the regular versions become available. Be a part of the Smart Swiss movement and pre-order now.

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