Creating the Stop2go Collection

When Mondaine created the official Swiss Federal Railways Watch in 1988, the iconic face of the Swiss station clock was faithfully and expertly scaled for personal wear. In 2008, 20 years later, Mondaine wanted to take things even further driven by a passion for design and the Swiss affinity for innovation. The new watch would celebrate not just the legendary style, but the unique movement of the Official Swiss Railways clock. 


To bring perfect accuracy to the timetables of the sprawling Swiss rail system, the station clocks realign every 60 seconds. To do this, the famous red second hand runs fast for 58 seconds, completing a graceful sweep without hesitation, until pausing at 12 o'clock to await the electrical pulse that signals the next minute. That two second pause at the top accounts for any time that may have been lost or gained among the different clocks, bringing them together at the start of the next minute. Is it any wonder the trains run on time? 

Translating this special and complex method to a quartz movement watch took 4 years of research, testing, and refinement to perfect. A regular quartz watch runs with only one motor to gear the hour, minute, and second hands. The Mondaine SBB stop2go requires two motors: one to turn the second hand, and a separate motor to drive the traditional pace of the hour and minute hands. To do this, the watch's IC, or control center, must recognize both movements separately. Another hallmark of the Swiss station clock's movement is the smooth, gliding drive of the second hand - no jumping or jerking forward. To translate this to quartz, a completely original movement was developed, moving the second hand four little paces every second for the impression of continuous motion. 

Finally, in 2012, the new movements were ready for the final testing phase. Chronofiable, a Swiss watch industry lab, assessed the precision under various external impacts, certifying the design as reliable. Mondaine then turned to designer Martin Drechsel to create a new look for the new model.  

A tribute to its industrial background, the classic stainless steel case is framed with two matte-brushed stainless steel braces, adding an impressive heft to the design. The crown is built as a functional switch for easy time setting of the new movement. Sapphire glass encases the world-famous dial, complemented by a black or red leather or black silicon sport strap. The Stop2go is an exciting combination of horological engineering and historic Swiss design. Shop all Stop2go styles now