5 Ways to Simplify Your Life


1. Learn to plan ahead of time: Learning to plan your goals ahead of time is a skill that requires time, effort, and patience on a daily basis. Once you make planning ahead a habit, you will see how easy it is to do and you will be motivated to complete even more things in that additional, small time window you've just created for yourself. 


2. Let the little things go: When you have a full plate of tasks to complete, the last thing that needs to clutter your mind are minimal, insignificant bumps in the road that are just part of everyday life. When we learn to let the little things go, we can preserve our precious limited mental energy and utilize it where it is most needed. 


3. Declutter: Every few months, we ambitiously decide to declutter our closets, our homes, and even our email inboxes. Since we are boggled down daily by large amounts of responsibilities every single day, we need to allocate some time and dedicate it to decluttering our lives, in whichever way that may be. Decluttering is considered a healthy, essential habit since it allows us to think more clearly, approach decisions more rationally, and it keeps us much more organized and consistent with our planning methods.



4. Meditate:  The buzz surrounding the topic of mediation is quite loud, with health and wellness experts proudly claiming its health benefits are something every person should reap. It is proven that just by dedicating 20 minutes a day to meditation, you can significantly improve your mental clarity, stress levels, and energy levels. The whole science behind meditation lies in the ability to silence the world's noise around you and just focus your entire attention on the rhythm of your breathing and on clearing all that chaos from your mind. By learning to focus all of your energy on your breathing, you are training your mind and body to be positively mindful and much more self-aware.


5. Focus on quality, not quantity: We can all claim that we're somewhat ambitious individuals who try to make the most out of their day. We each compromise a long daily "to-do" list and hope that we drive our efforts to fully complete each and every task on that list. But the truth is, sometimes it's not about the amount of things we complete that matters. What matters most is the essence that lies in how efficiently and effectively we can complete those tasks on a day to day basis. 

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