5 Reasons to Wear a Watch to Work


In the world of personal objects, watches land somewhere on the fine line between fashion accessory and tool. Even before watches became "smart" they were the original wearable technology. While we've become more and more reliant on cell phones and the cloud for performing our daily tasks, it's exactly this fusion of style and savvy that makes a great timepiece one of the most enduring constants in the workplace.

Check out our top reasons for making an excellent watch part of your office dress code:

1) To Show You Know When Electronics Aren't Appropriate

It's great that your boss can call you after hours to go over the quarterly earnings report, but when in important meetings the last thing you want is a loudly buzzing elephant in the room. Whether it's your first interview for a new job or your thousandth meeting with a long-term client, give them your full attention. They'll feel better attended to and heard than if you're constantly checking the home screen on your smartphone. A wristwatch is a much more discreet way to keep meetings on time without appearing rushed or inattentive.

2) To Be Taken Seriously

Taking pride in your appearance signals an attention to detail that can separate excellent workers from those just getting by. An elegant or classic watch communicates thoughtfulness, practicality, and thorough thinking - your boss will be impressed that you leave no detail unconsidered.  Even in a casual or more contemporary office setting, an understated timepiece with a metal or leather band can communicate seriousness of intention and professionalism. 

3) To Showcase your Personality

Many office dress codes limit personal fashion statements, and the business world is teeming with dark slacks and starched white oxfords. Watches are a completely work-appropriate way to bring personality to your professional wardrobe. A unique or exceptional wrist watch can also become your calling card, giving new contacts a special something to remember you by or serving as a conversation starter. 

4) To Go Off the Grid

The internet is distracting. So are all of the buzzes, rings, and email notifications that vie for your attention from the devices on your desk and in your pockets. Block out the noise for a focused work session, and track your time off the grid with the precision and beauty of your watch. You'll enjoy the clarity of an analog hour or two, and those emails will be ready for you when you return to your inbox. 

5) To Show You Appreciate Quality

Selecting and wearing an excellent watch displays a consideration for quality that will carry over into your daily tasks. The feel of wearing a well-crafted timepiece inspires confidence, the perfect mindset for getting your best work done. The same way you might select a favorite tie or killer pair of shoes before an important presentation, a watch you love can make you feel, look, and perform your best. 

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