How to Start a Watch Collection


A well-made watch isn't just an accessory - it's a lifestyle. Equal parts style and practicality, a timepiece captures the essence of personal style and displays it beautifully on the wrist. Since they're usually worn everyday, watches are chosen carefully.  Plus, with a wide array of styles, colors, and functions, it's little wonder that those who own a watch rarely own just one. Whether you're interested in watches for the horological history or the style possibilities, follow these guidelines for starting your collection.


1) Do Your Research

Don't be intimidated by an encyclopedia's worth of articles, blogs, and differing opinions on which models you "have" to own to be a serious collector. What is most important is that you personally love your watch(es). Each timepiece is a chance for personal expression and should reflect your own tastes. That said, you should become familiar with watch terminology and features so you can determine which kind best suits you. Are you attracted to the practicality of an automatic watch, or would you relish the horological history behind a manual style? Do you prefer the comfort of a soft leather band, or the classic sheen of stainless steel? Keep an eye out for styles you admire, and learn the common traits that you're drawn to again and again. 

2) Start Strong

A great way to begin your collection is to buy a watch you need. Many follow a well-known Italian tradition that the well-dressed man or woman owns at least 3 timepieces: a day (or task) watch, a casual watch, and a dress watch. If you work in an office, a traditional style may be the most business-appropriate. An outdoor recreation enthusiast may select a durable sport model. If you find yourself often in formal occasions, a high-quality dress watch can become a statement piece that completes your look.  Start with the watch you need the most, and use these categories - day, casual, dress -  as a guide for how to go on from there. When in doubt, just ask! A watchmaker, collector or honest retailer will all be able to help you choose.

3) Wear & Care for Your Watch

Watches are meant to be worn! While there certainly are collectors who tuck their timepieces away in drawers and climate-controlled humidors, most enthusiasts agree that the joy of owning a unique, high quality, or simply beautiful watch is in actually using it. However, to keep watches in pristine condition, they should be regularly serviced and cleaned according to the manufacturer's recommendations. This ensures that you'll be enjoying your well-made timepiece for a lifetime - and that future generations may enjoy it, too!

4) Stay in the Know

There's a thriving community of watch lovers and timepiece collectors. Join the conversation and keep learning about the history, manufacture, and design of watches by following reputable sources link hodinkee, Watch Report, ablogtowatch, or Gear Patrol's "This Week in Watches." Staying up to date will help you develop your taste and expertise, and make sure you're well-stocked with design and style inspiration. 

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