What's in a Strap?

While the concept is as old as watches themselves, the popularity of wearing a timepiece on the wrist is relatively recent. Wristwatches were worn only rarely, and almost exclusively by wealthy women, until the British army began issuing "wristlet" watches to soldiers in the 19th century in order to coordinate sophisticated maneuvers. When the servicemen returned to daily life, the fashion caught on, and today watch lovers enjoy a rich variety of options that help watches balance on the line between tool and accessory.

Check out Mondaine's guide to the bands and straps that create new expressions of one of the most famous faces in the world:


The most iconic Mondaine look is completed by a genuine leather strap in red or black. The classic material is ideal for dress watches, or for styles that need to transition easily from the office to the evening. Soft and comfortable, the look of a leather strap is timeless in any color, and even adds a mid-century element in brown

Contrast Stitching

Consider this strap the leather dress band's laid-back cousin. High-contrast stitching creates a casual, almost nautical effect, adding interest and style to a dressed-down look. 


 Easily adjusted or resized at a jeweler, the metal link band is extremely popular for its dressy look and water-resistance. It's also very durable, making it the perfect choice for an heirloom or gift watch. 

Milanese Mesh

Also called a "bracelet" strap, the metal mesh band is the epitome of elegance. This jewelry style is suitable for both men and women, and creates a structured architectural look - especially when paired with a Mondaine Helvetica No. 1 Regular.


Often referred to as a "NATO" band, a nylon strap has a tactical edge and is ideal for the active wearer. For a sport strap that's also water-resistant, a silicone band is another great option. 


Need a replacement strap, or just looking to change things up? See all available Mondaine watch straps

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