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The ingeniously simple design, unmistakable face, and iconic red second hand of the Swiss Federal Railways Station Clock have made Mondaine's timepieces a success the world over. The design classic isn't just for the wrist, though - Mondaine also offers a variety of wall clocks in the timeless SBB style. The appeal goes far beyond design history, though, as wall clocks continue to be both a practical and stylish element of interior design. Even though personal devices, appliances, and other electronics have seemingly supplanted analog clocks, they continue to be a beloved and ubiquitous presence in living and working spaces. With a little reflection on the role of clocks at home, the advantages are easy to see.  

Encourage Face Time IRL

In the absence of other timekeeping devices, people tend to keep their phones out and within eyesight. Wall clocks can put guests at ease by making timeliness - and graceful exits - easy. When visitors can check in comfortably with a well-displayed clock, they'll keep their eyes off their phones and their phones off the table. Even better, the Swiss icon on the wall is an instant conversation starter - no app required. 

Anchor the Room

Like art or objects displayed on shelves, clocks create points of interest in a room. Placed above eye-level, a clock can emphasize high ceilings. Over a media cabinet, or grouped with other designs, wall clocks add variation and interest. They also create a purposeful landing spot for the eye, which establishes visual trust and encourages relaxation. 

Class Up the Joint

The streamlined mid-century aesthetic has endured the test of time, recently enjoying a resurgence among interior designers. Complete a minimalist room or add a classic element of timeless style to an existing space with the hallmark Swiss design. 

Stay in Control of Time

True time management means not just being aware of time, but not being ruled by it, either. Place clocks relative to your daily routine - visible from the bathroom if you're often late for work, prominently in the kitchen if you're a home chef - but don't create an interruption in the room's design to make the clock more prominent. Giving time that kind of physical manifestation can be more stressful than reliable. Luckily, the restrained look of Mondaine's SBB wall clocks makes it easy to balance good taste with usefulness. 

Inspired to add a sense of time to your space? Explore Mondaine's timeless collection of Swiss-designed wall clocks

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  • John Schultz -

    Would like to see Mondaine market a Stop2Go clock! I already have the watch and it is amazing!


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