Beautiful Fall Styles

As the days get shorter, the air gets colder, and the leaves turn brighter, we find ourselves rearranging our closets and styles to accommodate the beautiful season that is about to embark upon us. Plush warm sweaters, chunky scarves, and bold handbags usually take the spotlight around this season. But how about we take that light and shine it on another important element of our style, which is our beloved timepieces! Being on time is just as equally important  as arriving in style. So this fall season, don't forget to explore our new fall SBB and Helvetica Fall Collections, available for purchase at Take note our our beautiful rose gold styles, accompanied by the finest calf leather and shielded by a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. We even released an eco-friendly series in the SBB collection that features a PET strap, which is made from recyclable plastic bottles. If you love saving the environment, if you love watches, and if you love an elegant touch to your style, then Mondaine is the place to shop this fall season!


A660.30314.64SBH, Retail $245
A660.30314.16SBH, Retail $195


A660.30360.64SBG, Retail $195
A660.30360.64SBG, Retail $245


MH1.L2210.LD, Retail $425
MH1.L1110.LD, Retail $375
MH1.L2211.LG, Retail $425
MH1.L1111.LG, Retail $375


MH1.L2210.LH, Retail $425

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