Better Watch Care Practices

When you invest in a timepiece, you want to make sure that you provide it with the best attention and care from day one since it's likely that you will want it to stick around for quite some time. In order to ensure our timepieces stay accurate, functional, and in good condition, here are a few tips from our watch experts at Mondaine that will help you in preserving and caring for your timepiece. 


1. Make sure you keep your watch wound. 

It's important to give your watch a good winding a few times per week, or even per month, as this keeps your watch working properly. Most lubricants will work well in the short run, but over time these too can dry up and prevent the watch from working efficiently and accurately. For a watch that's manually wound, it's best if you wind it at the same time each day.  This practice will help keep your watch staying regulated and accurate. 

2. Find a sturdy, hard surface to wind your watch.

When you finally do decide to wind your watch, you will need to take the watch off your wrist. The best way to wind your watch is by making sure you place the timepiece on a secure hard surface when doing so. Do not wind your timepiece when walking or when distracted by another event. Give your timepiece the effort and attention it deserves. 


3. Clean your watch consistently. But we suggest NO SOAP.

Now that you will make an steady effort to keep your watch regulated, it's equally important to keep your timepiece shiny, and speck free! Your timepiece speaks volumes about your personal style and even values, so make sure your timepiece shines bright as your smile! As it's very easy for dirt to work it's way in, it's best to clean your watch with a soft microfiber polishing cloth. The cloth can be a little damp if needed, but avoid using water and soap on your timepiece all together since the particles from both can easily find their way into your watch and interfere with its proper functionality. 


4. Make sure you have watch warranty. And make sure you USE IT.

When you make the decision to buy a timepiece, double check the warranty that comes with it as this will undoubtedly come in handy one day. A good rule of thumb is to send in your watch for a "warranty repair" at least once before your warranty expires. 

5. If you must change your straps, do so carefully.

Watches are an accessory that can be dressed up or down, depending on your personal style and preference. One of the ways to experiment with watch style is by swapping the straps. Perhaps you like a nice dark tone leather strap for the fall season but prefer a more elegant, stainless steel bracelet around the holidays. Whichever is your style preference, watches are a fun accessory that can be altered when your fashion tastes decide to change. When you do decide to change your strap, be mindful that the lugs are the easiest to scratch during this process. It's recommended that, until you become a pro at watch strap changing, you have someone teach you first or you can watch a few online instructional videos on how to do so. Using the right high-quality tools is key, but it's recommended that you try out the process on a lesser quality watch first as well.