Helvetica Dual Time Zone: A Watch That Travels Through Time With You!



Summer time is already here, and that means that most of us have either planned that exotic summer vacation or are in the midst of planning an exciting trip in the near future. Regardless of where we go, most vacation or travel destinations are located in a different time zone which can make it that much harder to keep track of our time and plan things accordingly. Thankfully, Mondaine has taken this nuisance into account for our beloved travelers and explorers out there, and this year we have proudly launched the Helvetica 2nd Time Zone watch, born from the famous Helvetica collection.




Known for incorporating the famed Helvetica font onto its watch cases, the Mondaine Helvetica No1 collection has already worked its way up to gain favor and demand amongst our minimalist lovers. And now, the Mondaine brand has decided to take the Helvetica Light model and incorporate a simple, easy-to-read second time zone feature.

The second time zone display is beautifully accompanied by the original Helvetica Regular design, as it subtly sits directly above the 6:00 o'clock mark. Subtleness is what makes a Mondaine watch great, so it's not surprising that Mondaine was able to create a design that integrated the second time zone into the dial without overpowering and overshadowing the main look and feel of the timepiece.

The Helvetica 2nd Time Zone watch is a great functional accessory for those who travel, or hope to travel often. The setting and handling of the function is easy and uncomplicated so it doesn’t shine the spotlight away from the original design. It’s safe to say that this watch can serve as a great travel buddy, one that is extremely reliable, functional but also stylish all at once!

The Swiss Made design is available in a superior stainless steel case, paired with either a perfectly stitched brown or black leather strap. The watch case is accompanied by two crowns, one that serves to adjust the time for each time zone. The watch face is securely shielded by sapphire crystal, universally known for its extremely powerful scratch resistant properties. 


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