Inspiring Minimalist Architecture

Minimalism. It's something that has been a hot topic and trending lifestyle choice amongst millennials more and more recently. As more people try to seek out ways to declutter their lives, living a simple, quaint lifestyle is something that is becoming appealing to many people all over the world. With our busy lives eating up all of our free time, we want to keep our surroundings as clean and clutter-free as possible. Minimalism is a subject that focuses on simplicity, purity, open spaces, and natural elements. The whole movement behind minimalism is to create a world free of chaos and to strip everything down to its essential quality in order to achieve that purity and simplicity. 

In the latest 1800s, these trend started to take place and grow in New York and London, where architects and designers joined forces to create visual pieces that consisted of using white elements, cold lighting, and large open spaces that only inhibited minimum furniture and other home decor objects. When attempting to achieve minimalism, the whole point is to strip something down to its purest form so no additional changes can be made to its design. Also, architects try to blend that simplicity by tying it in with materials that resemble natural elements, such as natural light, sky, earth, water, and air.

Since at Mondaine, we truly appreciate minimalism and simplicity in design, we figured we would post some images of inspiring architecture that could ignite the potential minimalist that lies in all of us. 

The forces of nature collide in this architectural masterpiece. From the grass covered pavement to the grey metallic walls and aqua blue glass, this structure beautifully combines all the natural elements in a clean, pure design. 


A palace in the sky. Sharp, clean edges coupled with clear glass and metal beams, this modern structure comes off as intimidating yet intriguing at the same time. 


A home fit for a king. Mimicking the look of a box, this home focuses on open floor plan, lots of natural light, and clean straight lines encompass the home from head to toe. Simple, modern, and minimal. This one is definitely makes our list of favorite home designs. 


This piece clearly loves to use wood as the focal point of its design. With sharp corners, neutral tones, and large glass windows, this building offers a pure design that likes to play with the natural elements. 



Minimalists love black and white. Simple structure, clean background, neutral tones, and lots of natural sunlight, this design takes on a never-ending feel to it. 

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