Let's put the BACKLIGHT into the spotlight this holiday season!

Christmas is just a few short days away, and I am sure you are still scrambling to get some last minute gift ideas together. With so many brands and holiday advertisements flooding your head with an endless amount of gift options, it can get really difficult to find that PERFECT gift for the one you love.

This holiday season, Mondaine is proud to introduce one of our newest watch collections, the Backlight series. This collection is one of our most unique ones yet, in that these timepieces feature a highly innovative watch feature. Let's just say the Backlight collection is called "Backlight" for a reason.

This series contains an innovative technology that allows time to be read in the dark thanks to the luminous foil that is placed on the back side of the hour and minute watch hands. The technology is simple yet extremely functional to all watch enthusiasts. So far, this technology has been embedded into existing watch models, such as the SBB Giant, Mini Giant, and the already famous stop2go.

So, how does this technlogy work you ask?

Well, the hour and minute hands come with a luminous foil that is placed on the back. The light reflects from the white dial to this foil, thus charging it. The light-charged foil reflects back on to the dial, allowing the outline of the hands to be visible in the dark and enabling you to read time in the dark.

 Take a look a quick look at the video below to see the
new collection in action!


The Backlight feature is only available in 3 collections: SBB Giant, Mini Giant, and the stop2go. All models are made with superior stainless steel, ultra-scratch resistant stainless steel, and the straps are available in a soft, calf leather (color options available) or a stainless steel mesh bracelet option. Watch case sizes vary in diameter, from 35mm up to 42mm. 


Below are some of the new Backlight models, so take a peek at the list below and hurry up to gets yours today! 


NEW Backlight Collection


stop2go Backlight - 41mm






SBB Giant Backlight - 42mm





SBB Mini Giant - 35mm


CLICK BELOW to view the entire collection.



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  • Debbie -

    Do you sell this watch with backlight with date and day of week?
    If so what size and dollar amount?
    Thank you
    Debbie Galindo

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