Let's SPEAK About Our Spiekermann Collection

Erik Spiekermann, famous typographer and world-renowned graphic artist, has been a true inspiration and influencer in designing our Helvetica watch collection. Our original Helvetica collection is inspired by the font itself, and we have designed light, regular, and bold styles, all created around the font and its historical impact. We received such an outpour of demand for our Helvetica collection, so it was a no brainier when we decided to create a harmonious extension of the collection and bring on Erik Spiekermann to help design a new, innovative watch face.  

The stylish yet chic Spiekermann collection consists of 3 very unique styles; a light, regular, and bold option. All models are guided by a Quartz movement, coupled with a stainless steel case and protected by an ultra-resistant sapphire crystal. The watches are Swiss made and have a water resistance between 30 to 40 meters.

The Light design holds the Helvetica font in a lighter feel, with the 12 hour mark colored in red and accompanied by a very slim hour hand. The light model is available in a leather strap and stainless steel mesh bracelet. The Regular model "introduces numeric markers which, rather than featuring traditional hour digits, utilize the minutes past the hour in 5 counts: 00, 05, 10, 15 and so on." The Regular model is available in a black leather strap and stainless steel mesh bracelet as well. Lastly, we have only one style of the Bold model, which is unique in that it " carries daring red dial segments featured on the hour and quarterly markers around the watch face." The shades of the watch contract beautifully against one another and the model is available in a black leather strap option. 


Take a quick look at the Spiekermann designs below and we'd love to receive some feedback on which model is your personal favorite and why! 


     Helvetica No1 Light Spiekermann Edition

                         Retail $375                                                Retail $395

     Helvetica No1 Regular Spiekermann Edition

   Retail $425                                                Retail $495

     Helvetica No1 Regular Spiekermann Edition

Retail $495 


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