Make our essence, a daily essen-tial!

We are super excited to finally introduce our customers, and readers too, to our newest watch collection, essence. The new collection was inspired by the sustainability and environmental preservation efforts that are put forth by organizations and individuals all over the world. Instead of using plastic, people have shifted over to using PET (recyclable plastic bottles) material, which is one of the strap materials of our SBB watches. Instead of bundling all trash together, people make the initiative to recycle appropriate materials. Here at Mondaine, we have decided that we would like to be part of this innovative revolution, and since so many brands have already taken the step forward by designing truly one-of-a-kind products from recyclable materials, we have decided to incorporate sustainable ones into ours. 


The essence collection is a wonderful collection in that it continues to preserve the famous, iconic SBB Railway Clock face which is known world-wide for its clean white face, bold black stick marks, and the famous red SBB hand. The essence was is a truly innovative piece in the Mondaine family in that the strap is made from natural rubber and the case is made from castor oil.  The models come in sizes 32mm and 40mm, and the watch faces are available in a black and white option.


ALL models retail for $175, and are readily available for purchase at our site.  



                                          40mm                                                32mm


                                            40mm                                               32mm

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