Here At Mondaine, It's Minimalism All Day, Every Day

At Mondaine, we can all confidently say that we're minimalists at heart. We live, breath, and ingest minimalism every day here at our offices. From the way we market our brand to our simple yet intelligent product design, it's evident that minimalism takes over in everything that we do. Our products clearly speak volumes about the way we perceive the watch industry, along with timepiece design and functionality.

The Mondaine brand believes that minimalism is a better, more simple way of life and we want our watches to visually represent just that. When we create our watches, we want them to be simple in design but highly functional in use. A watch's intrinsic purpose to provide an accurate, reliable serving of time and our Swiss made timepieces have an entire history of reliability and credibility lined up behind them.

At Mondaine, we believe in the saying "less is more". We believe in simplifying our lives and uncluttering our time to the best of our abilities. As you see, our iconic design is extremely pure and minimalist, and we make sure to highlight that aspect in all of our brand's messaging.


To celebrate our appreciation and adoration for simplicity, here are a few Mondaine lifestyle images that we feel represent our love for minimalism to the full degree!


Background Design Showing How Helvetica and SBB Take Front and Center
at Mondaine



The best way to declutter a chaotic mind is to reserve some time to simply write and express your thoughts and ideas on paper. 


Croissants and espresso.
A perfect example of how bold and simple pairings can live together in harmony. 


If this doesn't scream minimalism, then I don't know what will! 



For those of us trying to juggle a hectic daily schedule, drinking a cup of tea a day has been proven to lower stress levels and help ease a cluttered mind. 


Not only do we love this simple Helvetica design, we also love wearing it while reading a good book. The simple, pure design definitely won't distract your eyes away from reading an enticing piece of literature. 


More minimalist design inspirations below!



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