Our Favorite Design Stores In NYC

When you walk through the streets of Manhattan, you're constantly enveloped by numerous amounts of stores and shops, all competing to get our attention and interest in hopes that we take a step in and peek at their product selections. One of the things that are truly unique to the city are the brilliant design stores that line up on the avenues of the city. From the eclectic shops to the more high-end modern ones, New York City is overflowing with options to choose from. We've compiled a diverse list of design stores that truly inspire our taste and preferences for design and style.


1. ABC Carpet & Home

With goods sourced from all around the world, ABC Carpet & Home is a true gem in this city. The store is unique in that is carries sustainably sourced goods in addition to focusing on carrying products created under fair trade. Here, you can find a wide variety of home decor items, from furniture to carpets to luxurious lighting fixtures. 


2. MoMA Design Store 

It's safe to say that the MoMa Design Store is Mondaine's most beloved design stores. With fun, quirky, and vibrant product collections, MoMa takes the lead when it comes to store layout creativity and ambience. It's store offerings mimic the museum's collections, and all of the pieces sold in the store are carefully selected and curated by store visionaries at MoMa.


3. BluDot

BluDot is your go-to-store for all modern and contemporary home decor items. The store's assortments carry a rather simplistic, minimalistic vibe, which of course we adore! The store and its goods have a clean design and the prices are pretty reasonable for the quality of the goods they produce. Although the prices might make your wallet feel a little bit lighter, the quality is undoubtedly outstanding, and the variety of products will keep you browsing for hours! 


4. Design Within Reach

Known for being one of the most luxurious, high-end design stores in New York City, Design Within Reach is known for specializing in classic, clean designs that are loved by modern and contemporary design enthusiasts. Prices here are steep, but each piece from the store is to be considered a work of art and something to be shown off and displayed proudly in your home. So if you have expensive home decor taste, then this is the store for you!


5. Ligne Roset

Another one of our favorite modern design stores is Ligne Roset. From their wide, yet sleek and modern selection to their high-quality produced goods, Ligne Roset offers products that could appeal to a wide range of home decor preferences. But be prepared as the prices tend to be on the higher-end here as well. The layout of the stores is very unique, since they set up their showrooms to present a more "we sell a lifestyle" rather than "we sell furniture" feel. Each floor is set up differently than the next, so as you move your way up you are presented with a unique surprise each time!

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