Our Top Favorite Fall Activities

That time of the year is here again. Crinkling leaves, colder tempuratures, and warmer beverages are creeping into our lives steadily but surely. Some of us get a little bit down around this time of the year since long days of sunshine and warmer tempuratures are no longer around. That is why, we recommend, the best way to combat this winter season is by being armed with fun, festive seasonal activities. With the leaves turning into bold, beautiful colors and the air getting crispier, we thought it would be a great idea to gift our faithful blog readers with a list of our top favorite fall activities. Feel free to share what yours are as we'd love to hear some creative recommendations as well!  


1. Walk or hike in the park.

The fall colors speak for themselves in this one. Anywhere you turn, you are surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage. Vivid yellows, oranges, and reds are painting mother nature left and right, and the best places to see these are in your very own local or state park. Take a brisk walk among the colorful trees with your loved ones and remember to stop once in a while to take all the beauty in. And don't forget to take a break and let your inner kid come out and play in the leaves.


2. Apple picking. 

A very common but very necessary fall tradition, apple picking is a must this time of year. Find your local apple orchards and make a trip to get your hands on some delicious cortland, macintosh, or red delicious apples. This activity is the perfect one to do with the whole family. Spending the whole day picking apples at an apple farm and drinking hot apple cider sounds like the ideal leisure day to us! 


3. Pumpkin picking. And then carving!

If you haven't already, now is the time to go out and pick that perfect plump pumpkin that you can carve, cook, or just set out as the perfect fall home decor. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so stop by your local farmer's market and pick up a glorious pumpkin you can turn into a scrumptious pumpkin pie or just simply set on your dinner table for the perfect dinner decor.


4. Get cozy by your fireplace.

The colder weather can become unbearable at times, so what better way to warm yourself up than by getting comfortable by a crackling, glistening fireplace. Get your softest blanket, favorite hot beverage, and settle down to relax and unwind by the warm, inviting fire.



5.  Hot tea, coffee, (and wine) all day!

Now that the time for iced drinks is over, we're transitioning over to enjoying hotter beverages. Whatever your preferred warm beverage of choice is, anything that is warm to the touch and taste will definitely keep you satisfied and comforted this winter season.




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