Top Picks that are perfect for ringing in the New Year!


With New Year's Eve just a few short days away, everyone is starting to plan ahead of where they will go, what they will wear, and what will be the perfect accessory of the night. With glamorous dresses, lavish parties, and delicious overflowing bubbly, each one of us needs that perfect compliment to their celebratory outfit this holiday season. We've curated a selection of watches that we think are so versatile and so elegant that they can go from a casual daytime watch to a beautiful timepiece that can be worn on a night out on the town. So take the last celebration of year 2017 and go into the festivities "armed" with a stunning Mondaine timepiece. 


Take a look at our selection below!

SBB Mini Giant 35mm



Helvetica Light Holiday Edition 26mm



Helvetica Light 38mm



SBB Petite 26mm


SBB Evo2 Big Date 30mm




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