The Mondaine Gottardo2016 Collection

The special Mondaine Gottardo2016 Collection pays tribute to the new Gotthard Base Tunnel, officially the longest rail tunnel in the world and a world-leading example of Swiss engineering.

Originally commissioned in 1952, 120 trains traversed the Gotthard Base Tunnel guided by the legendary Ae6/6 locomotive, known by drivers as 'The Old Lady'. In homage to 'The Old Lady', the Mondaine Gottardo2016 stop2go timepieces feature bezels that have been punched from the driver's cab door of the Ae6/6 locomotive and meticulously mounted onto the watch case. The bezels have otherwise been left untouched to leave all of the original wear marks caused to the train's door since 1952, making each piece unique.

Only 2016 numbered watches have been produced and finished with the official Gottardo2016 logo on the case back. With its sapphire crystal and stainless steel case, the utilitarian green color of the bezel and natural wear of the brown leather strap presents a legacy offering.


The second component of the collection, the Mondaine SBB Nord Sud (North South) timepiece celebrates the far north and far south regions brought together by the Gotthard Tunnel.

At the far north is the Kanton Uri, represented on the watch strap through the traditional Swiss German welcome 'Greäzi' embossed above the 12 o'clock mark. Embossed below the 6 o'clock mark are the local Italian words for 'good day', 'Buon di', an indication of the tunnel's journey to the Kanton Ticino in the south. Further representing this union between north and south Switzerland are the two Kanton flags on the underside of the strap. The case back of the Nord Sud timepiece also bears the official logo of Gottardo2016.


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