The smartest of the bunch! Take a look at the newest addition to the Mondaine family.

With the Mondaine Smart Watch being a hit amongst consumers, it was no surprise that loyal brand followers were soon requesting a clock that features similar functions as the Smart Watch. But this time, Mondaine has introduced an updated, smarter member to the family!

This year, we're proud to present the Mondaine SBB Smart Clock. This clock has all the functions of a regular Smart Watch, in addition to having even more cool features that will surely entice you to buy one today!  The SBB Smart Clock is 25cm (250mm) in diameter, powered by a Quartz movement, Swiss Made, protected by hardened mineral crystal, dust resistant, and is composed of an aluminum brushed case. This model is currently only available in a silver option. 

What we especially love about this clock is that it allows tradition to blend in with innovation. The Smart Clock is iconic in that it preserves the traditional, legendary SBB Railway Clock face while incorporating advanced, innovative technological features into the model. Just like the original stop2go, this clock contains the special stop2go feature, in which the second red hand turns a full circle in 58 seconds, waits at 12 o'clock for the black minute hand to move on, before jumping one marker forwards, thus starting its next rotation. This movement allows for consistent, precise time thanks to the synchronization with the smart device. 


This Smart Clock is a real treat in that you can now change the time on the clock through an app, rather than having to take the clock off the wall to adjust the time. According to the Mondaine product development team, "The software and the application controlling the clock are a Swiss development by MMT. Enabled by this software, the connected Wall Clock is fully integrated with both iOS and Android phones, allowing the user to set the time via an app developed specifically for Mondaine." This feature is so useful and helpful when it comes to making sure you change the time for daylight savings, as it will change the time between winter and summer automatically.

BUT WAIT! WE'RE NOT DONE YET! This Smart Clock can even track and monitor the temperate of the room, while transferring that data over to your iPhone where it's stored directly on the app. 

We're really excited to introduce this much requested and highly  anticipated new model. The SBB stop2go Smart Clock retails for $235, and you can purchase it directly from our website.

Link to purchase below. 

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