What Sets Swiss Watches Apart

It's a well-known fact that watches made in Switzerland are the best in the world. "Swiss Made" is synonymous with quality and high craftsmanship. What is it about Swiss Made watches that makes them so much better than others? 

Looking back on the history of the watch industry, Switzerland established its reputation for producing quality timepieces in the 16th Century and had a hand in developing improvements in automatic and self-winding watches. Swiss watchmakers continued to drive innovation within the industry in the 20th Century, most notably with producing the first electronic quartz watches.

Switzerland ultimately set the standard for quality watchmaking and continuous improvement in watch technology for the rest of the watch world to follow. To this day, Switzerland maintains its reputation for producing the best watches in the world. When you're purchasing a Swiss Made watch, what you're getting is a beautifully-designed, well-engineered timepiece crafted from the highest quality materials available - something you wouldn't get from a mass-produced watch.

Apart from Switzerland's involvement in the history of watchmaking, in order for a watch to be designated "Swiss Made" there are several conditions under the "Swiss Made" regulation that watchmakers must meet. At least 60 percent of the production costs for the watch must be incurred in Switzerland, and at least half of the components for the movement must be Swiss manufactured. This legislation further strengthens Switzerland's credibility and excellent reputation for quality products and services, and protects the "Swiss Made" designation from being misused.