Black Vegan Grape Leather Watch Strap 16mm - Polished buckle


16mm ,Vegan Grape Leather
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Grape leather is smooth, sustainable, and can be recycled; it is also cruelty-free as no animals are harmed and no animal product is used during the production process.  Our vegan grape leather straps are the perfect alternative for consumers who care about the future of our planet.



How does the durability of grape leather compare to the standard leather strap?

The grape leather happens to be more durable than our standard leather strap.


How did you test the durability of the grape leather straps? 

We ran a study in an independent lab in Switzerland to test the grape straps against standard leather under different environmental conditions.


Is the grape leather hypoallergenic? 

It is possible that a hyperallergic person might experience a rash due to PU material on the inside of the strap, Nevertheless, we tested the grape straps with a group of approx. 40 people and did not have any cases where an allergic reaction occurred. 


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Black Vegan Grape Leather band with Red Lining, and a Polished buckle. 16mm

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