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Guaranteed Authenticity

To guarantee a watch's quality and authenticity, and ensure that it meets all our quality criteria, always choose an authorized Mondaine retailer. Mondaine timepieces and other products are sold across the United States to and through a private network.

This network has been educated on our collections and history. They will be able to offer the best possible product training, accurate product and promotional information; and appropriately represent Mondaine's timepieces in their stores and on their websites.

To benefit from the warranty, we strongly recommend that you also buy you timepieces from an authorized retailer or from Find an authorized retailer.


By ordering on, you are in direct contact with Mondaine.You are guaranteed to purchase an authentic and certified product, for which the warranty is automatically activated by the manufacturer upon shipment of your order.Your additional benefits:

  • The most up to date Mondaine product information and individual promotional offers
  • Products purchased from Authorized dealers are eligible for Mondaine's two year limited warranty coverage in the event the product may require warranty service
  • Knowledge that the products have been handled in a safe and legal manner
  • Product and technical support for your purchase
  • Authorized dealers receive continuous product and service updates from Luminox dealers' sales & support teams.

Avoid counterfeit products

Please note that is a Mondaine authorized reseller, but it is important to note that not all 3rd party resellers of Mondaine products on are authorized.

When purchasing on, it is important to notice which reseller (, or another marketplace vendor) you are purchasing product from.

To guarantee the authenticity of a Mondaine timepiece, we recommend that you always purchase timepieces from an authorized dealer or