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Lucinda Grande

My name is Lucinda Grange, and I’m an English-born extreme photographer ( that also dabbles in robotic art (@sketchy_roboton IG) and goldsmithery. I split my time between New York, London, old York in the UK, and I’m occasionally in Zurich, too.



My name is Diego Benzoni and I am an actor. I would say my days and weeks are all different from each other and tend to change at the last minute due to the timing in my industry, which can be very fast-paced.

Shelby & Andrea

Shelby is a visual and user experience designer, assistant professor and freelance artist, while Andrea spends her days working in environmental sciences and towards her master’s degree.

They enjoy spending time at home with their 4 rescue pets trying new hobbies, recipes, and finding new ways to enjoy Michigan’s abundant outdoors.


The first half of the week, I am a visual merchandiser and buyer for a children’s boutique. Then the second half, I am working out of my house for my event floral business, Queen City Blooms. My neighbor and I have been business partners for the past 5 years and we cater towards wedding florals and small events. All of my days are different! Every day is full and being a wedding florist, my months book up to a year in advance, so I try to enjoy each day even in all the chaos.


My name is Chloé; I’m based in Brooklyn and work as the Director of Creative Services in an industrialdesign studio located in Soho ( I’ve always enjoyed working alongside creatives, andduring the pandemic, launched a small online platform to celebrate the work of emerging creators ( with my talented friend Sophia, who built the entire website. Moments thatcharacterize my day-to-day are my bike commutes over the Williamsburg bridge, and dinner with friendsalmost every night.

Ian Chrinos

Recently, Ian wore his Mondaine on a trip to the Dominican Republic where he really put us to the test. From a wedding, to the pool, to a day of sports on the beach, Ian raves about the dependability and water resistance of his new favorite luxury watch.

Sepi Roozdar

My name is Sepi, and for the past 10 years my career has been working with the most brilliant-minded students as a high school physics and chemistry teacher. I’ve also played the role of poet, author, and lifelong lover of nature.

I am in the midst of pivoting toward a different lifestyle at the moment—moving from New York City to an off-grid homestead in the Scottish Highlands, making a shift to become a homesteader, gardener, and herbalist, co-creating with the flowers for a line of clean beauty products called Wild Bare Wellness.


Elyssa, a self-proclaimed eco-warrior, is a plant-based health and wellness enthusiast and writer/editor at She is inspired by a zero-waste lifestyle and enjoys sharing smoothie bowls and rainbow salads on her Instagram.


Max is a corporate attorney in Minneapolis juggling a rigorous work schedule and chasing around two kids under five; all the while still making time for date nights with his wife and much-needed basketball therapy when he can steal a few moments back from his busy day.


Meet Jessie, a busy, working mom who spends her days on the front lines as an RN in an endoscopy lab and her evenings chasing around two young kids.


Elaine Le is the voice and creator of the NYC-based dog-friendly life and style blog Sibe Life. Aside from her blog, she is also the founder of Pawsitive Collections, a pet-inspired candle company.


Collin is an architectural researcher, designer, and builder. He owns and operates a design build company focusing primarily on high-end residential construction in Los Angeles. His approach is to learn everything he can about his clients, come up with the rudiment of an idea for a project and carry it all the way through schematics, construction documents, and construction until the project is built.


Sabir is the founder & creative director of Men’s Style Pro, an editorial blog that covers men’s style, lifestyle, as well as offering curated items for purchase (candles, pocket squares, card cases).

Outside of creating content with brands for Men’s Style Pro & @MensStylePro on social, he serves as a brand consultant for brands across the lifestyle spectrum. From men’s grooming lounges, clothing brands, to restaurants, he has helped with product development, visual, copy writing and PR.


Hi! My name is Natalie Costello, and I'm the creator of the sustainable fashion & lifestyle blog Sustainably Chic!


Hanna is a Los Angeles based fashion designer and creator of Bāben, a luxury women's swimwear brand with meaningful details and timeless style.


Steph is a native New Yorker with a passion for fashion & sustainability, and a Digital Marketing Manager.


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