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Innovation and Sustainability at our core

Mondaine Watch Ltd.

Our innovative spirit has led us to become a leader in the industry, from the world's first solar watch in the 1970's to our state-of-the-art solar-powered factory since 2019.

With a commitment to sustainability since our founding, our family-owned Swiss company is proud to cover 80% of our electricity needs with our very own photovoltaic solar plant. Experience the perfect combination of style and sustainability with Mondaine.

Over 70 Years of Swiss Heritage and Excellence

Our story begins with a passion for Swiss watchmaking that dates back to 1951. Our founder, Erwin Bernheim, had a vision for creating iconic timepieces that would stand the test of time.

Today, we continue to honor that legacy with a traditional approach to watchmaking, emphasizing craftsmanship, design, and sustainability. At our factory in Switzerland, we produce all of our watches to ensure Swiss-made quality and exceptional standards. As a family-owned company, with André and Ronnie Bernheim at the helm, we take pride in our heritage and pay homage to Switzerland with our precision, Swiss design and dedication to a sustainable future.

Experience the Mondaine difference today and discover why our watches are a testament to Swiss watchmaking at its finest.

Iconic design

Our iconic design dates back to 1944, with the blueprint created by Hans Hilfiker for the official Federal Swiss Railways clock. Hilfiker's design, with the iconic red seconds hand, inspired by the trowel handled by train dispatchers, laid the foundation for our beloved timepieces. Today, we are proud to carry on that legacy with our collection of wrist watches inspired by this original design with official licensing from the Swiss Railways.

Our Classic collection, released in 1986, features Hilfiker's signature red second hand, setting in motion a chain of events that led to Mondaine becoming a beloved icon of the Swiss watchmaking worldwide. While we've adapted our watch cases and straps to meet sustainability and style goals, our iconic watch face has never changed. Discover the perfect blend of Swiss simplicity and elegance with Mondaine timepieces.

Sustainability Never Looked So Good

Since the beginning, Mondaine has been a pioneer in moving the watch industry towards a greener future, and our efforts have not gone unnoticed. We’ve received global recognition, including the highly commended award for our Carbon Footprint initiative as well as the Best Sustainable Watch Collection for our essence collection in the 2021 Marie Claire Sustainability Awards.

We are among the world's first comprehensively carbon neutral watch brands and companies (scopes 1, 2, and 3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) since 2020. Our factory in Biberist produces watches using up to 80% green energy from our photovoltaic solar power system, following the just-in-time production method to minimize waste. And our commitment to sustainability goes beyond energy efficiency, with sustainable vegan straps made of recycled textiles, cork, cotton, and grape leather now available across all our watch collections.

At Mondaine, sustainability is woven into the very fabric of our DNA. We are proud to continue pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the name of a greener future.

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