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The first half of the week, I am a visual merchandiser and buyer for a children’s boutique. Then the second half, I am working out of my house for my event floral business, Queen City Blooms. My neighbor and I have been business partners for the past 5 years and we cater towards wedding florals and small events. All of my days are different! Every day is full and being a wedding florist, my months book up to a year in advance, so I try to enjoy each day even in all the chaos.

What are you most looking forward to doing with your loved ones this holiday season?

The holidays are always a festive time for us. I love to decorate the house throughout each season and try to think outside the box on what can make the space special. My kids get super involved during the spooky season with putting up bats on the porch, getting out skeletons and planning their costumes, even if they are reaching the end of their trick or treat years.

We always spend time with family for Halloween and make candy charcuterie boards, pots of chili and a special drink and let friends and family come and go during the evening while kids trick or treat.

Of the sustainability practices you’ve implemented, which had the most profound effect on you?

I have been married for 17 years and when I started dating my now husband, he never used paper towels. It’s something we have never bought since and we use dish rags for dishes, towels for drying and cloth napkins (my sewing skills come in handy!) for meals. Anything a paper towel can do, we like to use cloth, plus, it’s just so much fancier to eat Friday night pizza on dishes and festive napkins!

When you have time that truly belongs to you, how do you like to spend it?

When I do have time to myself, I am working on quilts or spend time hunting for vintage quilts to resell on my Etsy shop or hoard for myself. I have been a quilter for 10 years and even participate in quilting retreats and trips with groups of women from around the nation. It is a hobby that has led me to meet some great friends and designers and knowing that I make heirlooms for gifts gives me a sense of satisfaction with my craft.

What made you choose to wear Mondaine watches?

I was ready to get rid of my smart watch because I’m ready to get back to being intentional and less devoted to screens. When I was researching affordable and well made watches, Mondaine popped up and I stopped looking further. I love my new watch and feel more fashionable and focused on tasks at hand. I think it is a non-fussy and clean looking face, with pops of color that gives it a bit of extra style. My son has even said he wants one now and he’s 12. Thank you for making a product I can stand behind and wear during my crazy days.

Who in your life inspires you?

Different times of life have different inspirational mentors but currently my identical twin sister is bringing the holiday inspiration to life. We bring our calendars together and plan out halloween activities, parades, solstice dinners, “favorite things” parties and what we’ll serve for Christmas brunch. Getting through the holiday months can be incredibly stressful for many people, but I feel so fortunate to have a creative sister managing it all with me.

What design quote or mantra would you say applies most to your life?

More is More and Less is a Bore.

I have a passion for color and texture. My quilting life embraces textiles through the house with patterns and colors everywhere. My floral life loves the colors of nature and details of the petals, and my fashion life loves mixing rhinestones with everything and pushing style with color, jewels, patterns and textures. I always say I want a home of sophistication and chicness, but always end up with color and patterns and it makes for a happy environment.

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